The State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) has successfully harnessed innovative technologies, amplifying SGLF’s voice on the internet and through social media. Our state-driven policy message engages with Politico and the Drudge Report communities. The same message has been sent across the country through effective infographics.

Not only does our message reach diverse audiences, but we have also developed our own digital community. Through our nationally recognized, award-winning website and a large Facebook presence, audiences continually engage with us.

Here are a few highlights from our spectacular year:


Video engages audiences through one of the most accessible mediums. We have developed captivating videos that promote innovative reforms championed by conservative leaders.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - SGLF Event

The State Government Leadership Foundation invited Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Denning Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and former U.S. Secretary of State, to speak about education reform at the SGLF-SUNPAC reception in conjunction with the Republican National Convention. Her only Convention appearance outside the Convention's session itself the prior evening, Dr. Rice appeared at the event and spoke about her own personal education experience. She coined education—and access to quality education—as the civil rights issue of our era. Dr. Rice also acknowledged the important work SGLF and SUNPAC are doing in states across the country to ensure children have access to an excellent education regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Teachers Unions: Bullying our Kids

In May 2012, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) launched a multi-state ad campaign targeting teachers unions that use big money and bully tactics to protect their own interests at the local, state and federal level at the expense of taxpayers and our nation’s schoolchildren. This six figure comprehensive television and geotargeted online ad campaign targeted six states where teachers unions have most onerously abused their influence over our nation’s public schools, including Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York. Teachers unions have more influence on our nation’s public school system than any other group and are one of the top political contributors at the state and local level. Despite a pool of vast resources, there is evidence to support that teachers unions are actually holding back the progress of education in the United States. When unions politicize education and focus on the adults, it is our children who suffer.

Virginia Offshore Drilling - Blame it on RIO

"Governor McDonnell and the General Assembly support offshore drilling and have made it clear that these energy jobs belong in the state, but the President is turning his back on Virginia and sending tax dollars to Brazil to create more jobs there," said Tom Reynolds, SGLF Chairman. "Virginia's federal leaders should take note and urge the President to invest in the U.S. on this issue, bringing jobs to Virginia, rather than to other countries."

Call Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner to ask them to lift the moratorium on Virginia energy production: 202-224-3121


Our budget shortfall: $3.6 billion dollars. Nearly one out of every 13 Wisconsinites out of work. We have to get Wisconsin back on the job. But Senator Jim Holperin was absent. He's been holed up in a hotel in Illinois. Holperin should have been home to do his job. It's one thing to disagree. It's another to refuse to show up for work. Call Holperin at 800-334-8773 and tell him Wisconsin can't get back to work until he does.


The State Government Leadership Foundation has been recognized by some of the premier political associations for its immensely successful ad campaigns and its state-of-the-art website.

In 2011, SGLF launched a geo-targeted online ad campaign on education reform, centered around the issues highlighted in the documentary Waiting for Superman. The campaign delivered millions of impressions and won the following awards:

Web Marketing Association’s (WMA) Internet Advertising awards:
Best Political Online Campaign
Best Government Rich media Online ad
Best Political Rich media Online ad

American Association of Political Consultants (Pollie Awards):
Online Advertising- Advocacy/Grassroots Lobbying State/Local (Bronze Pollie)

Newly designed and well researched, offers a place for policy makers, their staff, and their constituents to learn about the issues that matter most at the state level. SGLF has partnered with Congressional Quarterly to bring their powerful legislation search tool, CQ State Track, to the site. The is truly one of a kind as indicated by its most recent award:

American Association of Political Consultants (Pollie Awards):
National Organization - Republican

We are excited to build upon the successes that SGLF has already achieved in one short year . 2012 has afford SGLF with many opportunities to impact positive change by effectively using New Media. We will continue to pursue every opportunity to its fullest with your help, SGLF not only expects more such awards from political associations, but also real change at the policy level which will translate into more effective governance across the states.